Ho’oponopono: A Relationship-Healing Meditation


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Eugene Carrire: Meditation Eugene Carrire: Meditation

A few weeks ago I had a visit from a soul-sister who lives on the other side of the country. In one of our long and lovely conversations, she casually mentioned a practice she does when she’s reflecting on relationship issues. It’s called Ho’oponopo. Ho’ what?  I wondered? When I googled it, I found this article by Sebastien Gendry.

The first time I tried it I was in tears within moments. I felt unwanted negative attitudes and emotions softening and being replaced with positive, healing ones. Most remarkable to me was that they immediately translated into behavioral changes. Something very powerful was going on here, and still is. It’s simply a way to focus on and harness the most powerful force in the universe: Love.

I don’t know if ho’oponopono–similar to the Buddhist practice of tonglen, or loving-kindness–will resonate with you or not. But since midlife…

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