The stranger


Lance Sheridan

What sort of person are you?
Do you wear foreign clothes-
A glass eye, a crutch, a rubber mask,
Stitches up your spine, is anything missing?
Yes, yes? Then we cannot admit you.

Stop crying. Expose your wrist, your hand is trembling,
Will not take a moment while we brand you with a number;
Now you are stark naked- how about this new life
Dark and stiff, not a bad fit, really.
Believe me, you will be buried in it.

Now your head, it is empty of course, coming from another land;
Out of a closet, blank as paper; oh, look, it can talk.
Talk, talk, talk in a foreign tongue- must brand that as well,
My boy, it is your last resort, will you marry it?
Your new life will work, there is nothing wrong with it.

In thirty-two years, you will still be in a hole-
A grave…

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Hidebound Hump Day — Cornelis Drebbel 31


Teagan's Books

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Copper promo USS Razorback Torpedo rm PixabayWelcome to Hidebound Hump Day, my chuckaboos!

When I wrote this episode back in 2015, I was working on a novel called The Guitar Mancer.  Later I even tried to serialize it here as a means of finishing it. The feedback of readers back then brought an unexpected change to the story.  It was almost complete, but with my job, I still wasn’t able to write “the end.” 

Special thanks to Lavinia Ross, who I think loves that story more than anyone else does. “Time keeps rolling on,” as she sings in one of her songs, yet she continues to encourage me to finish that novel.  Hopefully, once I get moved and settled into my new digs, I will do that soon.  Here’s a beautiful sample of Lavinia’s music.

Yes indeed, time keeps rolling on, and yes, I said I’m finally moving.  Can one…

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Midnight tango



  • Let’s
  • Tango
  • In stardust
  • Where twilight’s flame Soaks breath in ambrosial rain
  • Novae sparkling in moon glow’s cosmic tint
  • Souls exploding
  • Into love’s
  • Ardent glow
  • As
  • Stars ink
  • Silken lines
  • Eclipsing night’s
  • Interlude touch push pause dark to light
  • Like runes embellishing passing milestones
  • Vignette keynotes
  • Become songs
  • That ring
  • True.
  • #tetracyt

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    “I say Carruthers, I’ve heard tell Jacob is racist. What pray do you make of that my friend?”

    “Who the bleddy hell is Jay Cobb when he’s at home?”

    “I think you got the wrong end of the stick old chum, it’s Jacob Rees-Mogg who’s racist.”

    “Good Lord, so Rees-Mogg is aka Ray Cyst. Doesn’t surprise me, mind. I always knew he had a thing for a gal named Kath Licks, but to go undercover and adopt a dual identity using the name Ray Cyst, thus making it easier to covertly get his leg across as and when, I find astonishing. I pity his poor wife. He needs a sound horse-whipping in my book.”

    “Je ne comprends pas?”

    “Kath Licks! Some Irish bint he bonks when the fancy takes. No one’s ever met the girl though, notwithstanding we all know what the two-timing devil is up to. Kath Licks this…

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    What’s in a Name?



    “What’s Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot,
    Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
    Belonging to a man. O, be some other name.
    What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;
    So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
    Retain that dear perfection which he owes
    Without that title..” (Romeo and Juliet. Act 2, Scene 2)

    Dazzled by the darts of love, Juliet speculates on the nature of names. Names are immaterial, yet, they can become insurmountable obstacles. They cannot be touched or seen, yet, they belong to a man and may mark his fate, even if, of course, they cannot change his essence, whatever it may be. Therefore, names matter. If if weren’t so, my mother wouldn’t have opposed so strongly to the one which was destined to me: Rosaria. I should have been named after my…

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    Motion Picture industry fails ancient world


    Eternal Atlantis

    I love to write, create scenes, characters, storylines, and plotting what’s going to happen, but I also enjoy good movies. It may be a surprise to you that I am a visual learner, given that I write. However, this article is not about my writing style. I am disappointed by the lack of decent movies centred on our historical past, and I don’t mean the 20th Century or even going back 600 years. I am referring to flicks that reflect the ancient past.


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