Celtic Fairylore: Aos Si & The Tír nAill (The Other Land)


Great Celts great fairy tales 😊❤👍

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The Celts have some very interesting lore concerning fairies and the Otherworld called Tir nAillThese Celtic fairies aos sí, older term aes sídhe were made up of an ethereal race who live under the mounds or Sidhe they were known as “The people of the mounds.” According to Irish legend the aos sí are the guardians of the mounds and lakes. These ethereal beings were the earlier deities evolved from the Tuatha Dé Danann and literally shrank in stature when Irish folks abandoned revering them in lieu of a Christian god with his Saints. Aos sí were eventually demoted as demons by the Christian cleric. No longer loved and honoured by their people they retired to the Celtic Other-world called Tir nAill which could only be accessed through a cave or ancient burial mound.

The Otherworld has various names including Irish mythology Otherworlds’ such as

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