The Blue-Eyed Cat


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This tale by Mike Steeden is one of the most imaginative stories I have ever read.

Using street art, I will present a feel that moves along with the book’s official blurb.

‘A book of mind boggling time-travel,

feverish sex, syrupy romance,

ho hum history,

a dark future, The Moon,


Paris and Berlin,

human consciousness, infinity,

a tongue in cheek take on all things carnal,

art for art’s sake

and three thoroughly mad yet oh so delightful gals’

I drew one a one-eyed blue-eyed cat, for Mike. Mike, Eye’m sure this is nothing you ever imagined. However, after reading “The Blue-Eyed Cat”, which I thoroughly enjoyed,I was inspired to this! Also, I believe the video below is apropos.

Should “The Blue-Eyed Cat” take your fancy it can be found at;

Amazon US link: THE BLUE-EYED…

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‘i me myne’


Three Jewels🙏

Lance Sheridan

Pio and her lover

There was an absence and the
moon stood still,
a water honeyed rain fell silent
along the sill;
her lover coming from faraway
from the great war,
in the wind-heaved twilight she
could not be sure;
a black bird kept tapping on
the pane,
then growing dull flew away its
wings curtaining the rain;
she was not certain if it was an
omen, rubbing her eyes,
is it a new beginning or an ending
she would soon realize;
in her parlor, the rain sang with her
a melancholy tune,
my darling where are you, cast her
eyes to the moon;
beneath in the silvery surf a
wooden boat,
a spiny sail cast in the shadows,
a skittery rote;
rudder slipped into silvery craters
in a simple drowse,
running down the beachhead,
crying seeping to espouse;
her hand slowly touched him, you came
to me, said in…

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The Eugene Onegin Challenge – Chapter 5


A Russian Affair


All objects either scared or charmed her, with secret meanings they’d impart…


It’s January and the first snow has fallen. Tatyana, like a good Russian girl, loves winter. She hasn’t seen Onegin since his rejection last summer, but has she gotten over him yet? The beginning of January marks the time of the ‘svyatki’* in Russia, a time when traditionally rituals were performed to predict the future. Tanya, who is very superstitious, just like her creator**, is very eager to see what the future will bring and performs several rituals, focussing specifically on love and marriage. Apart from finding out that Tanya’s future husband will likely be called ‘Agafon*, we do not find out what kind of signs Tanya received so far.

Appealing to dark forces

The ultimate ritual she performs is to conjure a prophetic dream, and this dream turns out to be the most written about dream…

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Singing Detective


Hi dear friends. Today, I’d like to interview or better to use the word sharing with you (before you answer; hey! I know that stuff of course!!) this amazing TV work with great music, directory, actor(ess)s, and story.

You know; it is not simply to find a good TV show or serial and It’s The TV serial! Because I have wonderful memories in which my brother Al and I had watched it permanently after we’d recorded it on the videotapes. We were both introverts. because of our traumatic childhood and TV was a long time the best companion in this world. And I can add that in this one we could find a lot of similarities, for example; don’t trust anybody! (Though one of us must be in contact to the society, I did it, because Al was a writer and I, as I have thought, had nothing to present.)

therefore, we had a lot of memories about watching TV (series) and keep ourselves in. (it would be fit with the Coronas world now, doesn’t it?!

It was and is as a strong memory for me to watch and hear the first line of this show;

Of course, I had to add here, that it wasn’t only the brilliant artist’s movie work but also the music which belong to the time in which we, as humans, were suffering from inhumanity; the WWII.

It was not only a TV show, it shows not just the points of draft or the thoughtfulness of the mankind, but it’d go to the deep of the childhood: Where is the father gone? when will he come back?; SOON… SOON, and we two brothers knew about it so much, too much, so long. we knew these questions!

Anyway, It was my discovery as I knew in Germany, it’s not so easy to find a good production from other countries in the original language. I mean here you can surely find all the good artworks from all over in the world but you must search intensively, they’d never come on the common famous TV channels.

And this song… give me a heartbeat!!

That is not only a good TV serial, I repeat myself I know, but it shows also the psychological stand of a child in a very deeply version; I know what I’m talking about! Roger Waters from Pink Floyd would confirm this! (The Wall)

I have the same stocking at school. from the teachers as the classmates!

And there we’ve found once more, I say once more because the history of the arts keeps mostly going to the deep points of the child in the growing-up period. Shadows… Shadows… We must know our Shadows. Am I right or am I right?

And the umbrella is too fix today 😉

These are the great ones to create this great work;

Michael Gambon, Janet Suzman and Patrick Malahide star in a 1987 miniseries about a stricken writer’s painful recovery.

Program creatorDennis Potter

DirectorJon Amiel

WritersDennis Potter

AwardsBritish Academy Television Award for Best ActorMORE

Reinvention — a Year Later


An unforgettable past 💖💖🙏

Teagan's Books

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Blazing sunset 2019Blazing Sunset by Teagan R. Geneviene 2020

At one point in my life, I was able to travel some.  The area that resonated with me most was the “high desert” southwest of the USA.  If you’ve seen my “About” page, you know that story.  As I write this, I feel uncomfortable doing any sort of post at all… but I’m going to share a little about my adopted home. 

I’m mortified to remember a long ago conversation with a man who enthused about his fondness for the beauties of the desert regions of the USA.  He asked if I thought it was beautiful and I’m ashamed to say that I exclaimed, “But it’s all brown.”  That was and continues to be the comment I’ve heard most often from other people.  Back then, I was still “California dreaming,” (it took 20 years for me to give up…

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The usability of Media



Having a great chance (for me at least)

Städel Museum

Hi friends, I am very amused to get the chance to have a small but after all, a short view to this desirable exhibition.

let’s enjoy it together 😊💖 with thanks to and
Van Gogh Museum

Experience the Van Gogh Museum in 4K Resolution: A Video Tour in Seven Parts

When we think of the most technologically inclined artists of all time, we don’t necessarily think of Vincent van Gogh. Though he wrote of his determination to create “the art of the future,” when he got down to painting he did so with traditional tools. Whatever Van Gogh’s own feelings about technology, technology certainly seems to like him: take, for example, 2017’s Loving Vincent, a feature film about him animated with 65,000 paintings; the digital exhibition of his work that took place in Paris last year; his paintings brought to life with 3D animation and visual mapping; and a virtual-reality version of The Night Cafe, all previously featured here on Open Culture — not to mention the 1,400 paintings and drawings by van Gogh made available online by the Van Gogh

However forward-looking its full-featured online presence made the Van Gogh Museum seem before, this particular moment has made it look like an even more prescient institution. With it and so many other brick-anmortar museums temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, online is the only way any of us can enjoy them.

In addition to its existing resources on the web, the Van Gogh Museum has over the past month been uploading a private tour, all shot in 4K video. Much like the five-hour iPhone ad shot in the Hermitage about which we posted last month, this series provides a drifting, floating view of the museum’s galleries and the works they proudly display, all quite unlike any experience one could ever have had there in person.

In the six parts of the series that have gone up so far, with a seventh and final installment to come next, not a single other person appears to get between you and Van Gogh’s portraits, Van Gogh’s still lifes, Van Gogh’s scenes urban and rural. But you do get some accompaniment in the form of a full musical score, an element that has become quite important for this now-emerging form of cinematic, high-resolution museum tour video.

Though brief, this Van Gogh Museum tour in 4K covers a wide swath of the artist’s work, and will surely only whet the appetite of viewers who’ve been meaning to make the trip to Amsterdam themselves. Until then, we can take in Van Gogh’s “art of the future” using the technology of the present — the likes of which wouldn’t have appeared in even his wildest visions.

The Gambler|قمارباز


What a tricky creature 🤣😎👍

A Voice from Iran

An older man had a significant amount of money in his account.


The tax administration sent him a letter that he has to come over and explain the source of his income.

The older man went to the administration with his lawyer.


The older man explained how he earned his money from gambling. The employee didn’t believe him and said: “Even a gambler loses sometimes, and usually they are broke.”


The older man said: “I can prove it to you. I bet for $1000 that I can bite my left eye.”

The employee said: “That is impossible, I accept the bet.”

The older man took his artificial left eye out and put it between his teeth and asked the employee for $1000.”


The older man said: “Now I bet you for $2000 that I can bite my right eye too.”

The employee thought it would be unbearable that both his…

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