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Wonderful images with a beautiful description 🤗❤🙏❤

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

2 Gnarly Cottonwoods at sunset Tim PriceTwo Big Gnarly Old Cottonwoods by Tim Price

Tim and Laurie Price live on a magical spot in the Land of Enchantment.  Tim shares a lot of fantastic photos at his blog, Off Center & Not Even.  I was honored when he said I could “claim” one of the trees at their place.  He gave me a choice of some grand trees.  I nearly chose that beautiful blue spruce (click over to see it), but the first image (see at the end of this post) of a pair of splendidly gnarly old trees called to me.  You can see all of the trees I could have chosen in Tim’s post (link at the end of this post). 

Desert Atonement Graveyard by Tim Price captureDesert Atonement Graveyard by Tim Price (capture)

Years ago, Tim was inspired by “Atonement, Tennessee” to create his imagining of the house and graveyard. He…

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Terry Jones the Genius ❤


Let’s have another break in my work to give a short tribute to a great genius in, I would say, all kind of Arts.

Actually, I didn’t know him from Monty Python’s movies first, I knew him by his fascinating TV series; Medieval Lives.

And of course, his proof of concept has been clearly seen in the Python’s films.

I’ve heard that he has cancer and also Alzheimer and now his death can be a salvation for him but it is surely a great loss for the world of Arts. Our world. 😔

I want just to imagine how he and Graham Chapman make an chaotic in heaven there above 🤗❤

Rest in Peace and thanks for the wonderful and joyful moments in our lives 🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤

Happy Birthday Federico Fellini


It is a must for me as it comes from my heart to share exceptionally this short announcement on Monday, the day my brain mostly strikes to work!

Today is Federico Fellini’s hundredth anniversary, let’s have a celebration on this genius 🤗🙏❤

Here is a scene of one of his best works! Amarcord (I remember)

Cornwall. A separate place. Location in writing.


An extensive description and surely a worthy book to read 👍💖🙏😊

shehanne moore

The Historical Cornish Environment—a land of Smugglers and Secrets …

A separate people. Throughout the early modern period, many Cornish people continued to regard Cornwall, not as an English county, but as a British country, called Kernow. … ‘

‘Physical isolation provides the key to Cornish history. A rocky peninsula, jutting out some 90 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall stands at the extreme south-western corner of the British Isles. Surrounded by waves on all sides but one, it is practically severed from the adjoining lands to the east by the River Tamar, which runs almost from sea to sea. Although mediaeval Cornwall was – technically speaking – an English county just like any other, the culture of the ordinary Cornish people remained entirely different from that of their English neighbours. They still spoke in the Cornish tongue: a language, closely allied with Welsh. They still prided themselves on…

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How strong the woman, how frail the man

He chanced upon her dressing
She had got so far as
tights and knicker elastic allowed
Naught else

As is her way
A private conference
With the unborn babe in her belly
Telling him to
Get his act together
And show up or fuck off

She turns about face
‘Oh it’s you’
He beams
Tells her just how wonderful she looks
‘No I don’t, I look ridiculous’
She disagrees
For once she was wrong

At the birth
She spat profanities
As if possessed

It seemed like an age yet
She got there in the end

Helpless and hopeless
He takes of his leave
For just a minute or two
Glorious nicotine and salty tears
In the concrete jungle outside
Under a stoned moon

Composure partially restored
He returns

The child at her breast now
He kisses them both
Her first

All her…

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Doing what a Grandpa must do!


Hi lovely friends. It’s a short announcement for my absence today as I must do my duty!

Yes I know that you know it is Saturday and m loveliest day but there is someone who is my loveliest on too; Mila, My granddaughter 😊

And she is one year young now, therefore, I must get to my son’s for the celebration.

Just look at her, how can I ignore this cute girl 😉😊


Have a wonderful Saturday everyone 💖💖

The Delta Pearl 20 — Slash


All Aboard again, fantastic! Let’s fantasise grow further 😊keep reading 💖🙏💖

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Saturday, January 1x, 2020

Delta Pearl announcement. Composite of Pixaby images by Teagan R. Geneviene Composite of Pixaby images by Teagan R. Geneviene

Welcome back to the #steampunk riverboat, my chuckaboos!  There have been several interruptions in the voyage of The Delta Pearl during the past few months.  I appreciate you for steadfastly coming back to the riverboat dock. With that in mind, here are links from the most recent chapters.  The Delta Pearl 19 — Flirt.   The Delta Pearl 18 — Bump.   The Delta pearl 17 –Jump.  

Call for things!

This chapter’s random things from readers are cosmetics from Mary J Melange.  Also even though it was part of a comment, Kirt Tisdale mentioned help, which I thought would be a great thing

Speaking of random reader things, I could use more.  If you want to leave a random thing — that existed in the Victorian or Steam Era, please do so…

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#writing #music: #DarkCrystal by @DANIELPEMBERTON


Fascinating! 🙏❤🙏

Jean Lee's World

Good morning, all, from a wintry Wisconsin! At long last, snow’s found my corner of the Midwest. Biff, Bash, and Blondie had a blast sledding upon our wee hill. It’s the sort of blizzardy day that encourages one to tuck into a blanket and a book–not that I can, with my pile of student projects requiring grades and the kids now planning to convert the house into one giant Gotham City/Sodor hybrid because I was fool enough to leave those old toys out. Still, isn’t it a lovely thought to just wile away the day with a cozy mystery? Or, perhaps an epic adventure into the Elsewhere…

Dark Crystalis a film I’ve only watched a handful of times, and yet I can still remember the awe of my first encounter. Everything glowed, moved, lived. I knew these were puppets, and yet they felt real to me, so real…

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