Two love poems…


Lance Sheridan

Then was my love

Then was my love,
I saw time with its dull scythe
And rusted blade
Over the sea water come,
It killed her terribly,
Tide hoisted into an abyss;
Wound and spindled
Hair and bone
Drowned her cries,
Swallowed deep
Into bags of seaweed.

The Sargasso is her tomb,
Food for fish, fed in dark shades;
Once above, the stars
Our twilight, now dreams muted
Stiff as sand, leave me now
Where she lies; damn the sea
That sped her death, soon to
Take mine, take me to the water
Of her breasts; I drink and drink
Of salt to rob the fluids of my heart;
Awake, my sleeper my ghostly bride.

N40 Then was my love

Edda and her love for Grimr

Through throats of forest where rivulets labour and
Ravens cry down along ago, a conceiving moon in
High chalk sky, there one night Edda walked till met
The wooded…

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