The “I Say It’s my Birthday” Blog Party!


Happy birthday dear Rob, stay forever young πŸ€—πŸ‘

Art by Rob Goldstein

It’s a Blog Party/Meet and Greet to celebrate my Birthday!

Join the fun,Β  grab a brownie and a slice of cake, and share a link to your favorite post in the comments.

Please reblog to spread the fun, and be sure to mingle!

How old am I?

I’m 60 something, and glad to be here.

I’m blessed and grateful.

So, here’s to life and good friends!

Let’s boogie!

β€˜Self Portrait #26’ (c) Rob Goldstein 2019

Below is β€˜Self Portrait #30

A digital painting based on a photograph of a reflection of my face in a shopwindow Self Portrait 30

Animated GIF s found via giphy and are not mine

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6 thoughts on “The “I Say It’s my Birthday” Blog Party!

      • 🀣🀣 that is true, in Germany they use to say the numbers in an other way around like the old English: for example, they don’t say twenty five but five and twenty. Therefore, it’s easy here for me as I’m 65 I say I am 56! πŸ˜‰ anyway, I think we are in the right age with a lot of experiences and from a good generation ❀

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