Let Your Light Shine ☀️


I Do Wish
People Had the Sense to Get Along, Despite Differences. 🙏🙏❤❤⚘📚



After a Bizarre Year of Hardship and Sickness, I Am

Doing My Best to Keep My Light Within Shining.

Truthfully, I Often Question WHY I Am Still Here on

Earth…A Strange and Hostile Planet, Littered With

Oddballs, Perverts and Desperate, Unusual Creatures.

I Cannot Seem to Sleep More Than a Few Hours at a

Time and Find Myself in a Dreamworld of Chaos,

Murder and Villains. Perhaps, I am Merely Reflecting a

Part of Myself I Do Not Understand. Whatever it is, It is

Not Pleasant. I Have Been Abused and Used So Much. I

Suppose I am Too Kind or Stupid. I Do My Best to Help

People When They are Down and Suffering. I Can Relate

to them. I have Experienced So Much Craziness in My

Life it Almost Seems Normal…It’s Not. I Deserve More.

Is There a Planet Where Cool, Kind People Exist? I Wish

There Were…

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