House of Heart

In the sweet summer

below the rusty fasteners of

an old swing I pump the air

with the  spindly legs of childhood,

dream my wide eyed dreams of whirling

pathways to the beckoning sun.

My heart leaps at the sight of a brilliant

rainbow and with small fingers I reach up

to swathe its colors over a blue palette  sky.

Now I know about life, the real truth of it.

Now I know the swing is just freedom.

little girl with freckles

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The lazy bear|خرس تنبل


It’s true that we can still learn from the children’s books how to make ourselves a better behaviour in our lives ❤😊🙏❤

A Voice from Iran

When my son was a few years old, I bought him a book called “Lazy Bear.” The simple story made me realize how modestly this book was describing our life.

What a great idea it was that they created animal characters to tell the stories to open our minds. This is how it went:


Once there was a very kind squirrel who loved to help others a lot. One day, while the squirrel was running fast, his friends “Monkey” and “Rabbit” asked: “Where are you running to? It’s been a few days that you have been doing this. Is everything alright?”


The squirrel responded while short of breath: “There is a little bear under the big oak tree that can’t move and is very hungry. I am running to get some fruits for him before he dies of hunger.”


The monkey and rabbit felt so bad and said: “Oh God…

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The Interior Monologue


As the ape tracked down the tree and lost its sharp teeth and hair, invented the cloth to hide his/her naked body and later, invented the mask to hide his/her naked soul. 🙏💖


The American psychologist William James, coined the expression stream of consciousness to define the chaotic sequence of thoughts of the conscious mind, a flow, which has no boundaries and cannot be stopped except by sleep. That is the truest, uncensored part of ourselves. When our thoughts become audible words, in fact, we use the filter of convenience and social convention, thus, wearing the mask of propriety, we become a “persona”, which was for modernist artists a less interesting  subject than that unconstrained current, as it lacked in authenticity. Virginia Woolf in her essay Mr Bennett and Mrs Brown says:

Mr. Bennett says that it is only if the characters are real that the novel has any chance of surviving. Otherwise, die it must. But, I ask myself, what is reality? And who are the judges of reality?

Reality, we could say, is, therefore, what hides under the many masks we…

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Dream a Little Meme of Me


I have a meme too 😂👍👍❤❤🙏

yadadarcyyada internet has taught us to speak in emojis,
abbreviations (ironic the word for abbreviation is so long),
and gifs…
Art form?
Both? Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka gleefully warned us, We are the dreamers of memes.How dreadfully true. Lennon was all up in memes, A meme you meme alone is only a meme. A meme you meme together is reality.

You may say Lennon was a Memer but he wasn’t the only one…

Bob Dylan promised, I’ll let you be in my memes if I can be in yours.

Douglas Adams spewed philosophically (if that isn’t a word it should be), He felt that his whole life was some kind of meme and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.

Henry David Thoreau felt deeply, Memes are the touchstones of our characters.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Werewolf Folklore



One of the most feared creatures of the night is the Werewolf.

This fascinating creature the Werewolf is also known as (Old English: werwulf, “man-wolf”) or occasionally lycanthrope /ˈlaɪkənˌθroʊp/ (Greek: λυκάνθρωπος lukánthrōpos, “wolf-person”) is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shape-shift into a wolf.

The lycanthrope is a famous concept in European folklore, existing in several variables, which are related by a common development of a Christian interpretation of underlying European folklore formed in the medieval period. From the early modern period, werewolf beliefs expanded to the New World with colonialism.

Belief in werewolves developed in parallel to the belief in witches, in the course of the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. Similar to the witchcraft trials as a whole, the trial of supposed werewolves emerged in what is now Switzerland (especially the Valais and Vaud) in the early 15th century and spread…

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The virgin queen bee


Lance Sheridan

A garden of daisies mouthing for air. White
Speckled petals dilate in the sun, peeling
Back the morning dew. The bees encroach,
Circle and circle, a well of pollen collected
For a virgin queen in a combed frock hive,

Her heart chaste, sister of a monotonous drone.

Her wings trumpet open to the buzzing of her subjects;
The golden honey drips its sticky fluid down.
In her chambered boudoir, streaked with orange and brown,
Suitors nod their stingers, potent as kings to father a dynasty;
A fruit that is bitter to taste: dark flesh, heads off:

All coffined to swarming ants, hungrily clambering, awaiting death.

Copyright © 04/24/2019 lance sheridan®

The virgin queen bee

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Jazz Age Wednesdays — 1 Million Years B-Lulu


All Aboard again 🤗 this is #Art ❤👍🙏❤

Teagan's Books

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

LULU Arrival 2.Lulu’s clumsiness sends the train to 1 million years BC. Art by Rob Goldstein

It’s finally time!  I’ve been promising you a short story with illustrations by Rob Goldstein.  Lulu, Gramps, and Valentino are joined by a couple of unexpected characters in this one episode story.  I call it “One Million Years B-Lulu.”  It’s a little riff on “One Million Years BC,” which featured Raquel Welsh.  Don’t ask me why that particular scenario popped into my head.  I’ve told you that I’m just not wired right. The three random things Rob gave me to drive the story are velociraptor, stone axe, and capacitors.

Rob is featuring the story as a guest post today at Sue Vincent‘s blog, so I hope you’ll click over and visit them.  I’m posting it here as well.  Without further ado…

All aboard!

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