Climbing Over Grit on ITN TV


The clip is in Perian, but the book is in English, that’s recommended to the world, to all the Man’s world. there are many places in which the feminine side is under suppression. Please let’s put an end on this ❤

A Voice from Iran

“Climbing Over Grit” On ITN TV


Hello Dears, and special thanksto ITN TV. My name isLalehChiniandIwrote “Climbing Over Grit”with my daughterAbnoosMosleh-Shiraziin English.

I was16 years old when I came to the USon astudent visa, and got married at the age of 18. I then immigratedto Canada and am currentlyliving in Toronto, Canada with my husband and children.

7 years ago,I suggested to my daughterAbnoos, to write a book about my mother’s life.Weworked part time on thisbookfor 7 yearsand finally in October 2018,the book was published byWisehousePublishing/L’aleph.

My mother wasforced by her mother and father to marry at the age f 11, leading toa bitter destiny and hard life.

This book is

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