Freud vs Jung



Intersting analyse about the masters of psychology. of course I admire Freud for his Ideas about the human’s sexual problems!

Sex, religion and envy – how Freud and Jung’s frenetic friendship tore itself apart

In 1906, the young Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung received a collection of essays from none other than the founder of psychoanalysis himself, Sigmund Freud. When the two met in person a year later in Vienna, their first conversation lasted more than 13 hours, according to Jung’s account. And so began a collaboration that would blossom into an intense, albeit brief friendship between two titans of psychology. The duo toured the US together, giving lectures on psychoanalysis. They analysed each other’s dreams in depth. Twenty years his senior, Freud called Jung ‘the Joshua to my Moses, fated to enter the Promised Land which I myself will not live to see’. Their bond was so deep that at one point Jung wrote to Freud: ‘Let me enjoy your friendship not as one between equals but as that of father and son.’ Despite their shared interests and mutual admiration, in 1913 their relationship abruptly ended. But what caused their dramatic estrangement? And which one can lay claim to greater influence?

Freud versus Jung is the second instalment of ‘Philosophy Feuds’, Aeon’s original series of short animations, each of which tells the story of a famous – or not so famous – spat, break-up, falling-out or fracas. More than just revealing the hilarious and all-too-human pettiness of the world’s greatest thinkers, ‘Philosophy Feuds’ is about the fascinating ideas behind each of these rifts – and how these ideas continue to matter today.

Director & Animator: Andrew Khosravani

Producer: Kellen Quinn

Writer: Sam Dresser

Sound designers: Eli CohnBen ChesneauMaya Peart

Narrator: Travis Brecher

Straightlaced Saturday — Cornelis Drebbel 24


Teagan's Books

Saturday, December 29 , 2018 

Copper promo USS Razorback Torpedo rm PixabayAltered Pixabay image from the torpedo room of the USS Razorback

Here we are, in that limbo between Christmas and New Year’s.  It’s still a festive time, but it is rather a “between” time.  However, the #SteamPunk train has arrived at the platform and we’re ready for another chapter of Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers.  Although the mode of transportation is about to change.  This time we also learn a little about Felicity’s heritage.

Previously with Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers

Chapter 22.2

When the entire large shape was in full view, I still didn’t know what it could be.  “Cornelis…” I began, but found I was at a loss for words.  “Wha—”

Cornelis Drebbel clasped his hands and a gleeful expression lit his face, as if he beheld something he had long missed.

“It’s my submarine!”…

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People From Heaven|مردمانی از بهشت


Even if it is a fairy Tale, it’s a wonderful one 😊❤❤😊

A Voice from Iran

After 16 years away from Iran, he decided to pay a visit. One day, he borrowed his brother’s car to re-live his good old days in Tehran.


At a traffic light on a busy street, a 14-15 year-old boy asked for his permission to wash the windshield of the car. He nodded and the boy started to wash the windshield very fast and clean. He tipped the boy $20 USA.


The boy asked: “Do you live in USA?”

He said: “Yes.”

The boy answered: “Can I give your money back and instead ask you some questions?”

He said: “Have you had lunch? Let’s have lunch together.”


The boy jumped into the car.

“How old are you my son?” He asked.

The boy said: “16. I will graduate from high school this year.”

He said: “Isn’t the age of graduation 18?”

The boy said: “Yes, but I can graduate this year…

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#Writing #ParentProblems: O Holey Night


Jean Lee's World

“Mo-om, these pants have a hole in them.”

“Mom, can I throw this sock away? It’s got a hole.”

“Not THAT hat, Mom, there’s a hole!”

Since the start of school Biff and Bash have put holes in three hats, five pairs of pants, two pairs of snow pants, six socks, and one snow boot. Hell, Biff still  has a hole in his smile.

20181226_155534 It’s only taken, oh, EIGHT MONTHS for just one front tooth to show up.

The holes in the new Star Wars hat were particularly impressive. “What was he doing, growing horns?” said Bo when I showed him. Biff can only shrug as he kneels with his cars, the knees of these jeans already threadbare.

Unlike my grandmother, I am no seamstress. Better to find a pair of jeans at the thrift store for a couple of dollars than to poke my fingertips with a needle…

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Carl Jung: …individuation is an opus contra naturam…


Life, Work and Legacy of Carl Jung
Author: lewislafontaine

“..The philosopher stared at the paradoxes of the ..inscription, just as he stared at the retort until the archetypal structures of the collective unconscious began to illuminate the darkness.”
C.G. Jung, Mysterium

C.G. Jung & Wholeness By Craig Nelson

The self is the hero, threatened already at birth by envious collective forces; the jewel that is coveted by all and arouses jealous strife; and finally the god who is dismembered by the old, evil power of darkness.

I take another opportunity to share this magnificent analysis by Dr Jung with the help of two great Jungian experts and friend of mine
Craig Nelson & lewislafontaine. I have been always in believing that every one of us is an individual, we are living together and keep ourselves in the societies but, we are doing it because of the fear that we have; we’re afraid of being alone! We know somehow that we’re “Contra Naturam” and therefore, always looking for shelter; a shelter in a crowd. on the other side, it’s also important for us how to confront each other because we’re also afraid of one another!

Anyway, read and hopefully enjoy it. have a great rest of the week 🙂 ❤

Without entering into other details of the text, I would like to draw attention to one more point: the building of the rampart against Gog and Magog (also known as Yajuj and Majuj).

This motif is a repetition of Khidr’s last deed in the previous episode, the rebuilding of the town wall.

But this time the wall is to be a strong defence against Gog and Magog.

The passage may possibly refer to Revelation 20:ηί. (AV):

And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison and shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together for battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

And they went up on the breadth of the earth and compassed the camp of the saints about and the beloved city.

Here Dhulqarnein takes over the role of Khidr and builds an unscalable rampart for the people living “between Two Mountains.”

This is obviously the same place in the middle which is to be protected against Gog and Magog, the featureless, hostile masses.

Psychologically, it is again a question of the self, enthroned in the place of the middle, and referred to in Revelation as the beloved city (Jerusalem, the centre of the earth).

The self is the hero, threatened already at birth by envious collective forces; the jewel that is coveted by all and arouses jealous strife; and finally the god who is dismembered by the old, evil power of darkness.

In its psychological meaning, individuation is an opus contra naturam, which creates a horror vacui in the collective layer and is only too likely to collapse under the impact of the collective forces of the psyche.

The mystery legend of the two helpful friends promises protection to him who has found the jewel on his quest.

But there will come a time when, in accordance with Allah’s providence, even the iron rampart will fall to pieces, namely, on the day when the world comes to an end, or psychologically speaking, when individual consciousness is extinguished in the waters of darkness, that is to say when a subjective end of the world is experienced.

By this is meant the moment when consciousness sinks back into the darkness from which it originally emerged, like Khidr’s island: the moment of death. ~Carl Jung, CW 9i, Pages 146-147

Chicago blues


Lance Sheridan

Every fiber of wind made the rain more vivid,
And it did not matter where it lay wet
In a paler set of colors, quieter on a pavement,
Mute, twitching so, unbothered, staying put
According to habit; hoping so to be skyward again
In a blueness, in a sun dawn awakening,
Pure as a pane of ice stiff in a glass, sumped in a swallow.

The other sober part of me read like a funny paper
On a Sunday morning. The sawdust saloon floor was
In a hard condition. Patrons eyes were cloudy and grey
With hollow, meaningless stares. Mouths were crooked
Taking pleasure from a nicotine drag; noses, a dusky red.
Words were slurred and dirty, canopied and wasted;
I was already beaten with an emptiness, so no remorse.

Far off, the banshee cry of an ambulance, desperate
For a hospital- white and pure with the dregs, the failures,

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Hidebound Hump Day — Cornelis Drebbel 23


The magical trip goes on. ❤

Teagan's Books

Wednesday, December 26 , 2018 

Portage Flyer Christmas train Robert Nelson Wiki Media CommonsPortage Flyer, Robert Nelson, WikiMedia Commons

I hope everyone who celebrated any sort of holiday this week had a joyous and relaxing time.  I’m always hearing people say “Christmas is all about families.”  Well, I don’t have a family, but I enjoy the holiday in my own way.  Festivities were perhaps a little restrained this year for 2 million (USAGov figure) of us who work for the federal government, due to the government shutdown (pay withheld).  Fortunately this has not effected my particular agency… yet.  Onward.

The #SteamPunk train has arrived at the platform and we’re ready for another chapter of Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers!  You’d better buckle up.  

Previously with Copper, the Alchemist, and the Woman in Trousers

Chapter 22.2

The movement of the water became intense.  Something was rising to the surface.  Involuntarily I took a step backward. …

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