Magic Wands in Folklore



Magic wands have been with folks for centuries. In ancient Egypt, magic wands, amulets to ward off serpents and books on magic have been discovered in the tombs of pharaohs. The magic wand was known to activate the soul (ba) when in use.


The Greeks according to Greco-Roman mythology mentions the air god Mercury and/or Hermes the trickster god both owned a unique wand termed a “caduceus.”

The Greek witch Circe is mentioned in Homer’s book and poem termed “Odyssey,” as using a magic wand. Shaking a magic wand shows accolade to the goddess.

In the Norse community, Volva was a well known shamanic older woman who lived independent from her kin. She would travel the countryside and villages using her skills as a healer. Volvas were respected and charged for their work so they could continue to live separately. Volvas worshiped the Norse Vanir goddess and witch Freyja. 

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