Litha, Summer Solstice in Folklore


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Litha is a pagan celebration of the Summer Solstice or Alban Heruin held June 20th to June 23rd.

ruins of temple against clear blue sky Photo by Pixabay on

During Litha a fire festival is held to revere the Summer Solstice. The sun along with its energy and life gives warmth. It is an ancient pagan ritual and celebration welcoming the sun at its’ longest day of the year. The ancient Celts would light a wheel or ball of straw on fire and roll it down a hill. They also had bale fires. Fire, being magical in the pagan world, represents the sun and spiritual cleansing. A new beginning, a time of growth and prosperity. This was in honor of their Sun god or goddess to bless them with bountiful crops for the year. The element of fire in ancient times was used for divination to see future events.


In northern Europe where the winters…

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