The birthplace of democracy – Athens


Eternal Atlantis

I have been fortunate to visit Athens twice, and though the second time was just a day trip, I was still excited to spend time there. I first went to Athens in 2004, the year in which the modern Olympics returned to Greece in over a hundred years. There was so much going on and travelling from the airport on the bus into the city, there was rubble, construction and mayhem everywhere. I did wonder whether the Greeks would be ready for the onslaught of athletes and spectators that were soon to arrive on their shores. Speaking with the locals, there was no doubt they’d be ready and on time for the big opening; and they were! It was a spectacular. I wasn’t there for the Olympics, and in fact it was better, as I didn’t need to wait in line to go to venues or places to eat.


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The Shape of Water: The Shape of Change?


Matrignosis: A Blog About Inner Wisdom

Filmgoers may have laughingly dismissed Godzilla, the Teenage Werewolf, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon in the 1950’s, but nobody laughs at the real-life monsters we see on television every day in the form of terrorists, genocidal dictators, and political leaders who incite divisiveness and spout nuclear threats. We get it. Dystopia is us. Our problems are caused by humanity’s psychological and spiritual ignorance, and they will not be resolved until enough individuals acquire more mature and humane ways of thinking and behaving. What used to be the role of deities and religious authorities has now become everyone’s job.

Fortunately, there are prophets among us to show us the way. They are the courageous and gifted artists who create books and films depicting ordinary people who evolve into heroic individuals. The Star Wars series, Avatar, Arrival, and The Shape of Water are examples. Their mythic themes and archetypal characters…

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Michal the Priestess: Midrash, Multiplicity, and the Tales of King David by Jill Hammer


When I was in my late teens, I discovered midrash: the Jewish exegetical process by which commentators weave creative and additive interpretations into the sacred text.  Midrash comes from the word “to ask,” “to seek,” or “to divine.” For example, the tale in which a well follows the prophetess Miriam through the wilderness is an ancient midrash. The story in which God stops the angels from singing as the Egyptians drown in the Sea of Reeds is a midrash. Each of these stories derives from a particular close reading of text, whether a Torah text or a verse elsewhere in the Bible.  Each of them allows a new generation to add its own perspectives to the tradition.

Contemporary feminists, and many other contemporary artists, writers, and exegetes, have used a modern form of midrash to add liberatory perspectives to Jewish tradition and to biblical lore.  From Miriam to Vashti, female…

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Indian Bridal face Jewellary Ideas


Hello my lovelies !! Wedding season is still on. I have been attending a lot of my friends weddings. I noticed that its been a task for the brides to search jewellary ideas and patterns that they can wear on their big day. Movies and celebrity wedding does change the trend in the bridal jewellary. I have been keeping screenshots of the looks that I liked on social medias. Since quite long I wanted to share these looks by beaitifull brides which will give you bride goals! So lets begin with the looks!

Look 1:

Heavy mangtikka (head band) with not so heavy nath (nose ring) and heavy necklace. This look is very apt for the brides who love chunky jewelries and want to go all out and completely traditiinal.

Look 2:

Statement mangtikka and neclace with minimal nath and big earings also stand out. This look will enhance the…

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