Head and Tail of the Dragon : The Lunar Nodes


The Classical Astrologer


From the point of view of own planet, the Sun and the Moon appear to be about the same size. This is because the Sun is four hundred times larger than the Moon, but also about four hundred times the distance from Earth. From earliest times this has exerted a strong psychological relationship to the two luminaries, encouraging the belief that they are of equal but different importance. The Sun may be the source of all energies, but it is the Moon that determines the tides and has the most immediate effect on our moods and earthly activities. The Moon in astrological practise is therefore of great significance. In fact in most systems, she is given much more importance than the current frenzy for Sun sign astrology would imply! The Moon’s Nodes are not planets. They are points in space indicating the intersection of two orbits.

The elements to be considered are a) the Ecliptic…

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