The Snake in the Garden|مار درباغچه


A Voice from Iran

It is part of the Muslim religion to believe that “Jinn” live among humans. In Iran, many people used to report seeing Jinn but these sightings eventually stopped in the last 70-80 years. Jinn are supernatural creatures who lived thousands of years between people secretly.


They are capable of shape-shifting into animals. They look like humans but with hooves and tails. They hid themselves from humans because they were afraid of us and believed we could harm them. They are harmless unless they get indignant. The word “Jinn” means “hidden from sight.” Although normally we don’t see them, they are able to see us. Some believe that Jinn are able to time travel and that they come from different planets.

When I grew up in Iran, older generations from not only my family but many others claimed that they had seen Jinn. As a child, there were a few stories…

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