The Sympathetic Nervous System [Anima Mundi] Mother of the Brain


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

‎[The Sympathetic Nervous System [Anima Mundi] is the Mother of the Cerebrospinal System [Brain.]

The “vestigial” sympathetic nervous system, an apparently fortuitous tangle of ganglionic nodes that regulate the vegetative functions of the body in an astoundingly purposive way, becomes the matrix of the cerebrospinal system, whose crowning miracle, the brain, seems to our fascinated gaze the controller of all bodily processes.

Nay more: the sympathetic system is, for Schleich, the mysterious “cosmic nerve,” the true “ideoplast,” the original and most immediate realization of-giving World Soul, and, ultimately, the architect of the brain, this newest achievement of the pre-existent a body-building and body-sustaining World Soul, which was there before mind and body came into existence.

The Hyliaster of Paracelsus is thus stripped of its unfathomable creative secret. Once again the solidity and tangibility of matter, so fervently believed in and so convincing to the senses, dissolve into Maya, into a…

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