Christiana Morgan and Carl Jung


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

Christiana Drummond Morgan (born Christiana Drummond Councilman) (1897–1967) was a lay psychoanalyst at Harvard University best known for her work co-authoring the Thematic Apperception Test, one of the most widely used projective psychological test.

She administered one of the earliest versions of the test to one of the first diagnosed anorexic patients in Boston. She is mostly remembered as the lover of American psychologist Henry Murray.

The nude portrait statue of Christiana commissioned by Murray from Gaston Lachaise is now owned by the Governor’s Academy, Byfield, Massachusetts. Christiana committed suicide at 69 years of age. There is some controversy over her death related to Henry Murray’s conflicting accounts, but it is mostly considered a suicide.

Christiana was born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 6, 1897. She attended Miss Winsor’s school for girls in Boston from 1908 to 1914 and later a boarding school in Farmington, Massachusetts. She came of age…

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