Carl Jung and Philo the Jew


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

Dr. Jung was greatly influenced by the writings of Philo the Jew [Born 20 B.C.E] and mentions him in both his Collected Works and the Red Book. Philo is believed to have taught of the “Logos” and is said to have known John of the New Testament who also wrote about the Logos.

One of Philo’s most famous work is around 20 pages long entitled “On the Creation” wherein he mentions The image of God in Man, The Archetypal World, The importance of the number 4, The relationship of God, Soul, Man, Mind as being the essence of God and Man.

Below is an excerpt from “On the Creation” followed by a link to the entire text:

So then after all the other things, as has been said before, Moses says that man was made in the image and likeness of God. And he says well; for nothing that is…

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