The Hero must fall for the sake of our Redemption


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

We think that there is singleness within us, and communality outside us. Outside of us is the communal in relation to the external, while singleness refers to us. We are single if we are in ourselves, but communal in relation to what is outside us. But if we are outside of ourselves, then we are single and selfish in the communal. Our self suffers privation if we are outside ourselves, and thus it satisfies its needs with communality Consequently; communality is distorted into singleness.

If we are in ourselves, we fulfill the need of the self we prosper, and through this we become aware of the needs of the communal and can fulfill them. If we set a God outside of ourselves, he tears us loose from the self since the God is more powerful than we are. Our self falls into privation. But if the God moves into the…

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