Carl Jung on the Perils of Noise in Modern Times


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

Carl Jung on Noise in Modern Times:

Carl G. Jung [September 1957]

Dear Professor Oftinger:

Unfortunately I am so old and tired that I am no longer able comply with your wish. You maybe assured, however, that I have every sympathy with your project and understand it only too well. I personally detest noise and flee it whenever and wherever possible, because it only disturbs the concentration needed for my work but forces me to make the additional physic effort of shutting it out.

You may get habituated to it as to over indulgence to alcohol, but just as you pay for this with cirrhosis of the liver, so in the end you pay for nervous stress with a premature depletion of your vital substance. Noise is certainly only one of evils our time, though perhaps most obtrusive.

The others are gramophone, the radio, and now the blight of television…

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