Carl Jung: Each person works on his own pillar, until one day the temple will be built.


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

Max Zeller: Memory of C.G. Jung

When I was in Zurich in 1949, the first time after the war, I was terribly occupied with the question,
“What am I doing as an analyst?”

With the overwhelming problems in the world, to see twenty or twenty-five patients, that’s nothing.

What are we doing, all of us?

I stayed in Zurich about three months and saw Jung quite a number of times.

Then I had to return to Los Angeles, and the last hour with him came.

The evening before, there was a great feast, a celebration of students and faculty from the Institute at an elegant Swiss hotel.

Every single analyst was made fun of in the most incredible way.

We laughed and howled. Meier was there, and he got quite a load to carry.

Then they took on Mrs. Jung and she got her share.

When they were all through…

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