Study Yoga but do not apply it ~Carl Jung


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

Statue of Lord Shiva in Bangalore, India, performing yogic meditation in the Padmasana posture.

The power of the yogi operates within limits acceptable to his environment.  The European, on the other hand, can blow up mountains, and the World War has given us a bitter foretaste of what he is capable of when free rein is given to an intellect that has grown estranged from human nature. As a European, I cannot wish the
European more “control” and more power over the nature within and around us. Indeed, I must confess to my shame that I owe my best insights (and there are some quite good ones among them) to the circumstance that I have always done just the opposite of what the rules of yoga prescribe. Through his historical development, the European has become so far removed from his roots that his mind was finally split into faith and knowledge, in the same way that every psychological exaggeration breaks up into…

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