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[Carl Jung on God, Incarnation, Holy Ghost]

“The deifying effect of the Holy Ghost [Hebrew = Ruach HaKodesh] is naturally assisted by the Imago Dei stamped on the elect. God, in the shape of the Holy Ghost, puts up his tent in man, for he is obviously minded to realize himself continually not only in Adam’s descendants, but in an indefinitely large number of believers, and possibly in mankind as a whole.” — C.G. Jung, Answer to Job, paragraph 656

“The continuing direct operation of the Holy [Spirit] on those who are called to be God’s children implies, in fact, a broadening process of incarnation. Christ . . . is the first-born who is succeeded by an ever-increasing number of younger brothers and sisters.” ~Carl Jung, Answer to Job, paragraph 658.

“Yahweh [God] must become man precisely because he has done man a wrong. He, the guardian of justice, knows…

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