A Blind Alley to be Avoided: Isolation


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

A Blind Alley to be Avoided: Isolation

WHEN MAN has realized that he carries the worldā€™s fortune in himself and that a limitless future stretches before him in which he cannot founder, his first reflex often leads him along the dangerous course of seeking fulfillment in isolation.

In one example of this-flattering to our private egotism- some innate instinct, justified by reflection, inclines us to think that to give ourselves full scope we must break away as far as possible from the crowd of others. Is it not in our aloofness from our fellows, or alternatively in their subjection to ourselves, that we will find that ā€˜utmost limit of ourselvesā€™ which is our declared goal? The study of the past teaches us that, with the onset of reflection, an element partially liberated from phyletic servitudes began to live for itself. So is it not in a line continuous with thatā€¦

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