Carl Jung: The Platonic "Idea" is in this case no longer intellectual but a psychic, instinctual pattern.


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

To Elisabeth Herbrich

Dear Dr. Herbrich, 30 May 1960

Your letter brings me the unexpected and painful news of the death of Prof. Betschart to whom I am bound by many fond memories.

I first became acquainted with him at the Paracelsus celebrations in Einsiedeln, and I remember the many talks we had about the philosophy and psychology of the old master.

Later, unfortunately, we did not see each other anymore, after he became a professor in Salzburg.

Only a few letters were exchanged.

So I had heard nothing of his death.

At that time the main subject of discussion was the philosophical views of Paracelsus and his relation to Hermetic philosophy; these emerge with particular clarity in the treatise De Vita Longa of Adam von Bodenstein, to which I have devoted a major study.

In this connection, inevitably, further psychological themes were discussed, especially the archetypes, which are so…

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