Your Hut is a Temple Carl Jung,


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

Jupiter and Mercury in the house of Philemon and Baucis, Adam Elsheimer, c1608, Dresden.

But what mystery are you intimating to me with your name, Oh Philemon Truly you are the lover who once took in the Gods as they wandered the earth when everyone else refused them lodging.

You are the one who unsuspectingly gave hospitality to the Gods; they thanked you by transforming your house into a golden temple, while the flood swallowed everyone else. You remained alive when chaos erupted.

You it was who served in the sanctuary when the peoples called out in vain to the Gods.

Truly it is the lover who survives.

Why did we not see that? And just when did the Gods manifest?

Precisely when BACCHUS wished to serve the esteemed guests her only goose, that blessed stupidity the animal fled to the Gods who then revealed themselves to their poor hosts, who had given…

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