Carl Jung: I found it exceedingly odd that you should amiably take me for an atheist


Carl Jung Depth Psychology

To Paul Maag

Dear Colleague, 1 June 1933

Many thanks for kindly confirming my expectations.

You are, ofcourse, quite right: I have not yet given up struggling for a philosophy of life and I very definitely hope that this struggle will not come to an end too soon, for I cannot see that possessing the absolute truth is a state in any way to be envied.

I would therefore rather not make any specific prognoses about the future, since the modest share of the light of knowledge that has been vouchsafed me does not enable me
to see whither and to what goals the tortuous paths of fate are wending.

Theology and the Church do not embarrass me in the least.

On the contrary, I am indebted to both for extraordinarily valuable insights.

It was kind of you to recommend Martensen’s Jacob Bohme’s Leben und Autorenschaft. Bohme’s writings have long…

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