Gods in the Machine: Deus Ex Machina


Myth Crafts

I’ve always been enamored by ghosts. I witnessed my own momma seized by a possession. Could that be written off as a kind of madness?


Have I witnessed similar events afterwords?

Alas, yes.

So I remain unclear.

Maybe things lurk in the dark;

Maybe there are beasties in  the shadows.

Or maybe, it’s just us, shivering with stories left to tell.

Poets lie where heroes fear to tread

Poets lie where warriors die.

Poets do lie. That’s their job (I know, I’ve moon-lighted).

So what exactly is a ἀπὸ μηχανῆς θεός?

A god from the machine?

When a writer gets stuck, as in really stuck, it becomes time to pray.

(Or time to play).

This is the time to invoke the god in the machine.

Because when the story has gone to Hell, only a god can fix it.

You might know this feeling.

Sweet god in a…

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