Hiisifits Commentary


Norma Klassen

High Resolution Front Cover_4964578Sometimes it is best to not know. While writing Hiisi fits I first employed concepts of psychology to explain the insidiousness of a sociopath with multiple personality disorders. Each time I would re-read what I had written it fell sorely short on what I learned of Mika’s character. On the fourth attempt I chose to relate the character through myth and only then, according to Anna, did it begin to portray the true character. I dared not get any closer to the complexes that operated in Mika for to truly Know the mental functions of the individual one must be able to think like them and to think like them, even for a short time, one is at risk of falling into the depths of madness. One must lose love and compassion as well as reason to enter that space. First of all it is an impossible task for a…

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