The Sanders Movement is Far From Over


The Gonzo Post

US-VOTE-DEMOCRATS-POLITICS-SANDERS Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a rally at Safeco Field in Seattle on March 25, 2016. / AFP / Jason Redmond (Photo credit should read JASON REDMOND/AFP/Getty Images)

Bernie Sanders’ bid for the Democratic nomination is over. It came to poetic end after months of fervor fighting against the powerhouse candidate that is Hilary Clinton. Corporate America and corruption wins again, as they always do. The ensuing presidential battle is all but set; it will be Clinton vs. con man Donald Trump, with a promise for good theatrics and pointless bullshit. The chance for something different in the American culture was shut down by a collection of rich douchebags, racist scumbags, and uneducated slime balls roaming this world with the only intent of annoying the shit out of you. It was a good run, and one that opened up the realm for more future developments, but ones that…

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