Chapter Forty


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Forty – Shu’s Nemesis

Akhen was unnerved when he lost control of Shu’s personal shuttle, as it drew closer to the cloaked giant planet killer. Kalki automatically took over and the shuttle entered its vast landing bay in the belly of the ship. He carefully opened the hatch and looked around. No one was there to meet him. The only sounds came from the giant ship’s machinery, life support and control systems. He made his way to where the bodies of the three hundred thousand remaining human prisoners were held in stasis, first checking the array of monitors recording the prisoners’ vital signs, before he set off for the control deck.

The dull red light of the wide flight cabin illuminated Kalki’s array of tactical and navigational equipment. Seating himself in the pilot’s position, Akhen tried to get Kalki to leave orbit. But Shu had somehow overridden the normal…

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