Chapter Thirty-Nine


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Thirty-Nine – An Ancient Weapon

With Akhen gone and no immediate sign of Shu advancing towards them the five remaining berserker brothers spent the days and weeks of summer turning their home in Adab into a fortress, watched by my kin, Brak, Lek, and Tuluk who had now joined the other two, after somehow surviving the carnage.


Every day the brothers would go out in pairs gathering anything useful to help in their preparations for the inevitable attack by Shu. On one foraging trip, Seti was searching through the ruins of the ancient Sumerian city when he kicked a broken piece of clay lying beside an old stone watercourse. Out of curiosity, he picked it up and casually looked at it before he stuffed it into the cord of his loincloth. That night, as they sat around the fire talking over the day’s activities, Seti pulled out the…

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