Chapter Thirty-Eight


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Thirty-Eight – Akhen Departs

Akhen stood beside a crumbling mud brick wall. From all around him his brothers made their way to where he stood. His magnificent body was bloodied and scarred from the vicious hand-to-hand battles of the night. Khan’s left arm was severed below the elbow. Max’s chest was badly lacerated, exposing bone and muscle. Apis limped from the deep cuts to the thigh of his right leg. Akkad’s head was wrapped in a crude blood soaked bandage shielding his severed ear and the cruel gaping wound across his handsome face, caused by a berserker’s sword slicing his cheek open to the bone. Shansur and Manesh held each other up. Both bloodied warriors hobbled on their one remaining good leg, dragging the other, now useless mangled limb, along the ground behind. Nusaan crawled along the ground on severed stumps with his intestines dragging through the sand. Besal…

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