Chapter Thirty-Six


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Thirty-Six – Preparation

The shuttle flew south across the new Mediterranean Ocean to the western end of a large island that marked the former Atlas Mountains ,where I now write this tale. It turned east towards the rising sun along the former north African coastal regions inundated by the newly formed ocean, whose southern shore now lapped the Upper Volta region of East Africa and west towards Ethiopia.

Turning north above the source of the Blue Nile, Apis followed the line of mountains that formed Ethiopia’s highlands. The shuttle climbed above a vast sandy valley which had been the Red Sea, and over the sheer rocky ramparts marking the southern boundary of Gilgama. Crossing the former kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Apis flew north-east low across the endless desert land. Approaching the old city of Al-Kuwait, he turned north and landed beside the ruins of Ur, south west of An-Nasiriyah…

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