Chapter Thirty-Four


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Thirty-Four – Voyage to Revenge

Nusaan was routinely scanning the communications bands when he came across what sounded like a distress beacon. “Got a fix on its position yet?” Shansur asked, from where he sat looking at the tactical sensor display.

“Somewhere ahead; it’s weak; thats all I can tell you,” Nusaan replied, while trying to improve the quality of the signal.

Seti rechecked their course to the next way point, one hundred thousand kilometres past Uranus. “Might be from a derelict ship,” he said, fixing the coordinates.

“Don’t think so,” Nusaan said. “Sounds like some sort of personal locator beacon, and anyway the frequency is too high for a ship.”

“Any other communication signals coming in?” Khan asked, as he entered the flight cabin.

Nusaan shrugged his shoulders. “Just bits and pieces. We’re too far off to pick up the signals properly; we’ll have to wait until we…

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