Chapter Thirty-Three


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Thirty-Three – Cydon

News of Shu and her planet destroying ship Kalki spread rapidly across the galaxies. Unaided by us, she carved a path through countless undefended systems in an orgy of destruction. Reports flowed in from the few remaining survivors, fleeing to the safety of Andromeda and the Milky Way. Akhen and Khan listened to the terrified former inhabitants’ transmissions as they told how the “she-devil with fire in her eyes” coldly went about her deadly business, leading her terrible army. According to Tuluk, from his hiding place on board Kalki, Shu had turned the hundreds of Neolithic men and women, kept in stasis, into a berserker army. She personally led them across each planet, savagely killing all. Then, once they returned to Kalki, the giant ship’s awesome destructive power was used against the planet itself, destroying it forever, leaving nothing but scattered fields of debris to mark…

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