Chapter Twenty-Four


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Chapter Twenty-Four – The Brotherhood is Born

In the awful silence after the crash, my cousin Tuluk, who had hidden in the crawler’s engine compartment, heard faint moaning come from the wreckage, as he scurried off into the darkness. The crawler lay on its side. Its lights flickered as they stared into the darkness of its tomb. Inside the cab, the bodies of the men lay piled on top of each other in a tangled heap. Slowly and painfully, they began to stir. Seti was trapped under the weight of both Besal and Apis. His left arm was broken above and below the elbow. With his right arm, he managed to feel around in the semi-darkness of the cab until his fingers found the handle to the door, which was now above him. Turning the handle Seti used all the strength he had left to push the door up. It…

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Symbolism of the Lighthouse


The meeting between the … individual consciousness and the vast expanse of the collective unconscious is dangerous, because the unconscious has a decidedly disintegrating effect on consciousness.”

Chapter Twenty-Three


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Twenty-Three – An Unexpected Enemy

The last days of autumn arrived. Leaves were losing their green colour, turning various shades of brown, red and gold. The clouds above the valley took on a gunmetal appearance as ice crystals formed deep inside them. Soon the first snow of winter would cover the land. Akhen and the rescue team spent days preparing for the arduous overland journey that lay before them, north to the frozen tundra. Taking the Bentu up there was ruled out for two reasons. The first was the danger involved in flying over the mountains with winter almost here. Misakk stated the obvious, “Just fly above the clouds. A simple hop would cut weeks of the trip.” However, the second reason put paid to that idea. The tundra, despite being permafrost, was also marshy, which meant there was no safe landing place for anything as heavy as the…

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Chapter Twenty -Two


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Chapter Twenty-Two -Pimaar and Transformation

That winter Sekhmet died in childbirth. The baby girl was named Hathor. She survived her mother until the spring, before succumbing to an unknown illness. She was buried beside her mother under a tree overlooking the village. Grieving for his family, Nusaan went to live on his own in the valley to the west. From time to time, he was seen by one of Besal’s hunting parties but he never acknowledged their calls.

The decision to go back and find Hoetep no matter how long it took was debated endlessly over the winter months. The vast majority agreed that by now he would have starved to death, but Nefer was adamant that a thorough search had to be carried out. All thoughts of finding the remaining libraries and their knowledge vanished as preparations were made for the difficult task ahead. The community had lost too…

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Chapter Twenty-One


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Twenty-One – Manouf  Remembered

Hidden behind the tale section of the frozen research ship, Apis detonated a Semac charge attached to the hatch. When the shower of ice shards from the explosion ceased, the men entered the now exposed corridor, lined with stasis pods, leading forward to the ship’s interior. The stale air, mixed with the unmistakeable smell from hundreds of partially desiccated samples of marine life in its laboratories, taken by Drana scientists in the course of their exploration two thousand years previously, made the whole experience unpleasant to say the least. Despite the length of time the ship had lain in its frozen state the power system was still operational.

Misakk, assisted by Shansur, brought the ship back from its enforced hibernation, and soon its life support systems were reinstated bringing warmth, light, and above all, fresh air. The Drana expedition leader’s report detailed the last days…

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