Chapter Thirteen


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Thirteen – Allies

“I never knew about this place.” Khan said, as the group explored the spacious interior of a long forgotten supply room.

“It must have been on the surface originally,” Delal murmured. The windows now looked out onto solid rock.

“Seti, go to work—check everything,” Akhen ordered, while the rest took it easy.

“Manouf, go with him, and take Tosar, Hoetep, and Raman with you” Khan ordered.

“Besal, Nemaar, see where that shaft over there, leads to,” Akhen added, as he sat down exhausted beside Nefer and closed his eyes.

“You’re not going to believe it; you just have to see it for yourselves!” Besal said excitedly, when he returned. He led the way along the shaft. Twenty minutes later, Akhen and Khan stood looking up at the night sky through a small dome high above them. Nemaar beckoned them to follow as he disappeared up a…

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