Chapter Eight


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Eight – Cydon 1

The stereo speakers inside Shansur’s helmet were silent. “Master sergeant, report,” he commanded. There had been no response from Manesh for five hours. “Lieutenant, have you cleared the blockage yet,” he barked into the microphone.

“Yes sir—it’s clear.”

“Trooper Jansha, report to the command centre at the double!” Shansur was uneasy. It was unlike the master sergeant not to report in. Jansha appeared at the door out of breath after the arduous climb back up the turbo-shaft ladder. “I need you with me, old friend. There’s been no response from the recon team in the turbo-car tunnel. Grab anyone you can find and meet me down by the blockage,” he said, hurriedly running past the trooper into the corridor. Jansha started recruiting ‘volunteers’ immediately. It was good to be needed once more.

Shansur and the lieutenant were deep in conversation when the sound of running…

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