Chapter Seven


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Seven – Alliance Response

Apis and Seti had spent days exploring Linkaas, capital city of Opaal, while they waited to see what the Alliance response would be—if any. Finaa, Degan’s deputy, arranged a trip into the Melusian Mountains, a place of tranquillity frequented by Suraa from all across the planet. Apis loved the place and under different circumstances would have stayed there forever. Seti, on the other hand, quickly grew tired of staring at endless forested mountains and valleys as well as the twin suns and countless moons of Opaal. “We’ve got to get out of here, Apis,” Seti said, munching on a Golal nut. “Don’t you miss everyone?”

“Of course I do,” Apis replied, spitting seeds out of his mouth as he spoke. “But we can’t return until Degan gets a decision from the Alliance. So we’ll just have to stay here and enjoy ourselves,” he said, wiping…

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