Chapter Six


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Six – Desperate Defence

The community was hard at work transforming the former experimental facility, renamed Cydon-1, into a well-defended fortress and base. Mobile disrupter cannon were placed at strategic points. Laser mines and molecular charges protected the turbo-car tunnel system and the approaches to the hanger. Semac explosive charges were fixed at all connecting doors, stairwells, and inside the turbo-lift shaft.

The hanger was a hive of activity as the two cargo-ships and the interceptor were pulled apart and rebuilt as fighting units. Each of the cargo-ships was armed with a re-worked disrupter cannon plus a couple of plasma torpedoes. It was not much in the way of armament if they came up against fighters or capital carriers. However, if they encountered ground fire from Drana troops at least they could do some serious damage. The interceptor, which had been named Mintaka at Khan’s insistence, was a different…

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