Chapter Five


Have We Had Help?


Chapter Five –  Flight For Help

“No wonder no one has heard from the mine in weeks, sir,” said the sergeant, as he and the commander searched the ruins. Shansur’s recent field promotion to commander still made him a little uncomfortable. Being called ‘sir’ by his old friend Jansha took some getting used to. They had been through a lot together during their time in the service of the emperor. They had saved each other’s skin more than once. In a tight spot, you rely on the man next to you to act instinctively to protect his fellow soldier. Shansur and Jansha in the past four years became closer than brothers.

“Sir, over here—two survivors,” the third member of the team, a young trooper, said, waving his disrupter rifle.

“Hmm, they’re Nephile. Must have been prisoners here,” Shansur replied. “Are they dead, sergeant?” he asked, prodding the smaller Nephile with…

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