Shiva and Shakti – Consciousness and Power



I. “Since Shiva is only the silent, immobile witness, whereas she is the power herself, the devotees of Shakti and Devi have concluded that it might be best to direct one’s attention and prayers exclusively to the Goddess. Not the distant Father, but she, the Mother of All, protects her children and fulfills their wishes. Periodically, Christians have followed a similar mode of thought, turning foremost to Mary the Virgin, who bore God and who is the Mother of the universe.

Indian monism demands that there be only one ultimate reality. Therefore, Shiva and the Goddess are not really two, but one: he is the center of being and she is the energy radiating from it. They cannot be separated, yet her (illusive) forms and expressions are without number. Consequently, the universe is filled with more gods and ‘realities’ than there are grains of sand on the seashore.”

Wolf-Dieter, Ph.D…

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