Object biography #20: A baboon of Iuwlot (Acc. no. 1785)


Egypt at the Manchester Museum

1785 Acc. no. 1785

This imposing (65cm high) black granodiorite statue represents the god Thoth as a baboon (Acc. no. 1785). Damage to the baboon’s muzzle has resulted in a rather forbidding impression, although Thoth was appealed to as a god of wisdom and of healing.

The statue has until now been dated to the New Kingdom, following archaeologist W.M. Flinders Petrie’s 1894 publication of finds from the site of Coptos, just north of Thebes. Several of the finds unequivocally dated to the reign of Ramesses II and so Petrie assumed the baboon to be of that period as well. However, the reading of the unusual name of the donor of the statue – a High Priest of Amun, named in an inscription within a pectoral carved on the baboon’s chest – has always puzzled me.

Petrie read the name of the donor as ‘Iua-Mer’ but did not publish a photograph of…

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Butterfly Journal: Harmony (Month 9, Entry 1) – The Art of Allowing


Through the Peacock's Eyes

harmony The Earth Magic Oracle Cards

When Barbara over at Me, My Magnificent Self asked me to join in on her February Awakening Challenge, I harmoniously said: yes! Two years ago many of us WordPress bloggers contributed in writing posts for her free E-bookA Selection of True Awakening Experiences, and we are back, working in harmony to put together another collection of our continued, transformative awakening experiences. This fits in nicely with sharing my transformational journey through Butterfly Journaland here is the prompt for month 9:

By noticing the interconnectedness of all things, we have opened our eyes to the impact all our actions, including our thoughts, emotions, energy, and intentions, can have on everyone and everything we interact with. This wisdom can deepen our awareness even more leading to inner harmony and balance, and to harmonious relationships. 

For the ninth month…

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