As a writer, will I ever become famous?


Have We Had Help?


One of my all time literary heroes – Eric Blair aka George Orwell  1903 -1950


Probably not. All that any of us who are serious about what we do can ever hope for is to keep on writing. Most of us are lucky if we make a few pounds/dollars per year. Very few ever achieve fame and fortune. J.K.Rowling immediately springs to mind as an obvious modern day exception to the rule.

Even once you have shuffled off this mortal coil, there are still no guarantees of fame, despite the world’s book shelves being full to overflowing with dust covered books penned by dead writers. But then again back here in the land of the living, so is the list of those who were never read, or are ever likely to be by all accounts, despite the majority of them being gifted writers.

But will anything I write do…

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Butterfly Journal: Harmony (Month 9, Entry 2) – Flow


Through the Peacock's Eyes

b8 Butterfly Photography by Julianne Victoria

In the last entry for this month, I discussed the art of allowing, especially allowing relationships to be harmonious by removing resistance to the way I thought or expected them to be, and instead allowing myself and others to express and be the higher vibrations that we truly are. And I continue working on this art of allowing with a focus on allowing things to flow.

Last night I began facilitating the 12-class workshop of journeying through Butterfly Journal. (see information below if you’d like to join in. I will keep it open for sign-ups until the 2nd class, and you will get a recording of the first to catch up!) Leading up to it, I had the usual stresses and worries swirling in and out of my mind: Will others speak up and participate? Will there be clashes of personalities? Will…

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