The Last Chapter Has Begun


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While I wait to get my friend Debby Gies’s carefully considered thoughts on Céleste’s story from a female perspective, as it is predominantly a love story, albeit set in space, I’ve gone back over the preceding chapters to tweek them yet again. Now that I’m satisfied with the way they read, there are no more excuses. I can finally give the last chapter my complete and undivided attention.

To give you a flavour of what Céleste and Apkallu’s crew are heading into, here for your edification is Chapter Six’s thoroughly tweeked opening statement:

‘ As Apkallu travelled across the spiral arms of the Milky Way, heading towards Scutum-Crux, the fourth surrounding the galaxy’s unforgiving core, life aboard her was anything but merely routine. Depending on which part of the galaxy she happened to be passing through at the time, each presented its own set of problems. Better the crew remained in…

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