Animal Mummies #8: Secrecy, wrapping and revealing


Egypt at the Manchester Museum

Falcon_mummy Gilded mummy of a falcon, an image of a god (Acc. no. 11293)

Mummies, whether human or animal, were never intended to be unwrapped. The ancient embalmers were wise to the fact that, especially for elite burials, tomb robbers might try to rip the mummies apart in search of valuables. But I doubt the ancients could ever have envisaged the extent of modern scientific curiosity. Yet we are, undeniably, curious. We see a closed, sealed package and it seems like a deliberate challenge: we almost instinctively want to know what’s inside. Modern technology allows us to look under the wrappings without damaging the mummies themselves. But why do we want to look, and why did the Egyptians wrap things in the first place?

Animal mummies and bronze statuettes of deities shared a common votive purpose: they were both appropriate gifts to give to the gods to further one’s prayers

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Animal Spirits: The Bobcat


Through the Peacock's Eyes

As some of you may have noticed, I recently moved down the coast from San Francisco to Santa Barbara, which lies sandwiched between the ocean and the mountains of a national forest. My new home is only a short drive to the beach, but it is within walking distance of the trails, which my two Alaskan Malamutes absolutely love! It’s also an ideal quiet location for me for what I wish to accomplish in the next few months: to spend time, outside of doing my Astrology, Tarot, and Life Coaching sessions, to focus without much distraction on writing my books and developing my own inner growth and awareness process.

I rise early in the morning – before sunrise this time of year – and need to wear a headlamp to take the pups on their morning trail walk. On our first morning walk here I saw from a distance two…

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