giovanni-di-paolo-madonna-of-humility-ca-1450-pinacoteca-nazionale-siena Giovanni di Paolo, “Madonna of Humility”

In the new issue of National Geographic there is an absorbing article on “Mary: The Most Powerful Woman in the World.” The article, which I cannot recommend enough, can be read here:

The holiest woman, even in the Koran, until the 12th century had been portrayed as a royal, imperial figure but later on evolved into the universally accessible force of Love that knows no political or social boundaries, as we know Her today. She attracts millions to shrines, where her apparitions have been recorded, though only 16 have found the official acceptance of the church. There is no one, self-proclaimed skeptics included, who can resist the force of this archetype. From the symbolic standpoint, I have not seen a better account of the meaning of Mary than the one in The Lost Language of Symbolism – An Inquiry into the Origin of…

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