Butterfly Journal: Compassion (Month 7, Late Entry)


Through the Peacock's Eyes

Art by Josephine Wall Art by Josephine Wall

Butterfly Journal, month 7 prompt: We’ve all grown over the past half-year. We’ve come to understand ourselves better by looking deep within. From this depth of understanding, we can now begin to grow outwards into our personal environment and into the global environment. We have learned from our growth process the challenges, pains, and struggles that others might also be suffering with. Our empathic understanding of others’ suffering opens our hearts to compassion.

For the seventh month, meditate on opening up your heart and look for ways, in your interactions with others or with how you live your life, where you can bring in compassion and understanding. How does that affect or change things? It’s time to start breaking out of the cocoon and connect on a deeper level to the world.

Since I began this second journey through Butterfly Journal six months ago…

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